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Hydrophobic Lenses

The Hydrophobic treatment doesn't allow water to stick to the lens, the result is cleanliness and always a perfect vision.



The new highly-advanced Polar3FX Hydrotek™ lens has been designed and created to satisfy the requirements of those involved in water sports, like sailing or kitesurfing. For the first time, Rudy Project has applied Hydrotek™ hydrophobic treatment to both sides of the lens. This prevents drops of water from clinging to the surface of the lens and allows the user to have perfectly clear vision at all times.

The Hydrotek™ hydrophobic treatment, as it does not allow water to stick to the lens, improves the cleanliness of the lenses, even in critical situations like regattas or when it is raining. The Polar3FX Hydrotek™ lens has also been subjected to an internal reflection-proof treatment and has excellent scratch-resistance properties to ensure exceptional optical performance levels.