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Lens Colours

Discover a wide range of lenses that will guarantee the best optical solution in any light condition.


Engineered for sunny days and bright light conditions, Laser™ lenses provide 400uv protection and come in a wide variety of colors and shades. A chrome mirror finish is applied to the entire outer surface of the lens. When it is applied on the lens, it reduces glare without altering the performance of the lens underneath. - Laser Black - Laser Bronze - Laser Blue - Laser Sky


The AR-Laser series implement additional Anti-Reflective back coatings for enhanced protection capacity and perceived comfort benefits. Engineered for variable weather. - Laser Copper - Laser Gold - Laser Green


Rudy Project’s Polar3FX revolutionary new polarized lens technology is one of the most advanced applications of science and optics that eliminates annoying glare and eye fatigue. - Polar3FX Grey.


High Optical quality lenses in high definition Polycarbonate treated with multi layered coating to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye fatigue. The Racing Red lens was engineered for serious athletes and "techno files".


High contrast lenses built around chromatic partitioning, they enhance color contrast and, cut glare from all angles maximizing visual clarity.


Golf 100™ lenses provide a unique balance of target and background brightness. The transmission of 25% was tailored to accomodate for grass reflecting only a low amount on incident light. While controlling low level blue light, the middle range is selectively manipulated to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinctive "object illumination.


This type of lens, offered in a variety of shades, transmits only 22% of the light and is ideal for moderately sunny days or winter days.


The Multilaser series have been developed with a special process implementing very thin “mirror”coatings on the lens surface, improving therefore its resistance and its superb cosmetic aspect. - Multilaser Red - Multilaser Blue - Multilaser Orange


A partial "laser" gradient coating is applied to a different colour base lens. The gradient density (darker at the top/lighter at the bottom) makes it perfect for variable weather.


ImpactX™represents today the most advanced technological solution in the field of vision protection. Lenses made in NXT¨ ensure sharp vision and unbeatable comfort. - ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic Brown - ImpactX™Photochromic Clear - ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic True Grey - ImpactX™ Photochromic Golf - ImpactX™ Photochromic Red - ImpactX™ Photochromic Grey - ImpactX™ Photochromic Laser Clear.


A natural high contrast lens that transmits 70% of light - perfect for general street wear and intermittant light conditions.


These lenses transmit 87% of the light and enhance contrast and depth. They are ideal for early morning light, sunset or rainy days.


Lenses that transmit 92% of the light. Designed for protection of the eyes from dust or other foreign bodies during sports activities. Excellent protection for the eyes in very cold climates.


The HI-Altitude™is engineered to protect from high illumination and transmits only 5,5% of light. Perfect for mountain activities, glacier and high altitude conditions, this special lens is tailored with triple layers anti-reflective back coating and proprietary front mirror coating. For its exceptional light transmission level, this lens is not suitable for driving. (CAT4).